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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Summer 2016

Pirates of the Curry Bean

The Year 6 have had a busy time over the last few weeks. They have been working extremely hard for the up coming SATs test yet they have had some other areas to think about.

Meet John Noble and the Olympic Torch

John Noble, a torchbearer in 2012, has been school to show the children his Olympic torch and explain why he was chosen, his journey and other details about his experience. Here are some photos of the class with the torch.

Warning Zone Visit

The Year 6 have been to Warning Zone where they have considered a range of situations and the risks attached to them - including a whole afternoon on e-safety without ANY technology!. The children had an excellent day, learnt a huge amount and hopefully the discussions will help them stay safe in the future. An super day! Additionally, the Year 6's behaviour was brilliant and numerous group leaders expressed how 'good/excellent' the children were. They should be proud of themselves!

'Kracking' Kandinsky

Abstract art! What's that all about? Well, the Year 6 have been attempting to create their own abstract art in the style of Wassilly Kandinsky. Here are the special moments of them creating their art. Soon the final versions will be posted for a Year 6 Art Gallery. Ask them waht the title of their painting is and how the images are linked to the concept behind it.

The Ancient Egyptians (Autumn 2)

Time flies! Here you'll find the overview of what the Year 6 will be learning about in the 2nd part of the autumn term. The children are moving into Ancient Egypt and thinking about what it must have been like to be an Ancient Egyptian from the evidence found by the Victorian archaeologists. But the big question is: were the Victorians archaeologists or just thieves as so much was removed back to the UK? You decide.

Here you'll find out about the amazing things the Year 6  focused on earlier this term. Have a look at the Autumn 1 half-termly grid to see what they have been thinking about. 

Are we eating too many biscuits? Amazing homework delights!

Creating Wire Framed Animals

Rainforest Day 2015

Sparkling Courage at Caythorpe Court

The trip to Caythorpe Court was extremely successful. The childeren's behaviour was brilliant and  a credit to the school. They really pushed themselves hard to tackle their fears! They all had an amazing time. Well done to them all!

The Giant Swing!

Still image for this video