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Welcome to Springboks Class (Year 6)

Dual Narrative Stories

The Springboks have been working on writing a 'dual narrative' style of story. Here you will find the audio versions of their stories for you to enjoy. Have a listen to the range of fabulous ideas!

Dual Narrative

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Warning Zone 2018

Springboks have completed a fabulous and informative day at Warning Zone. During the day, they considered general safety in their environment (whether in the house, on a building site or down a dark alley way - and many more) and a full afternoon on e-safety. There were many safety messages throughout the day - please ask them to explain some. The behaviour was excellent and one of the leaders of the morning commented, "They are a credit to the school and staff." What a superb thing to hear!

Out of School:

Well done for completing 1000m award in swimming. Brilliant!

First Aid Training with St John Ambulance

Having read a text about 'first aid' last term, the class decided they would like to have these skills to help them in the future. Today, they have been AMAZING! They have learnt so much about so many different first aid topics. Please ask your child what they have been learning today. Mrs Hunter (the instructor) was very impressed and they behaved impeccably. A very impressive group of children!

Kracking Kandinsky

The class have been creating their very own piece of abstract art. The paintings will be uploaded soon. Each child considered their own special event, decided what colours and shapes would represent them and then... away they painted!

Internet Safety:

The class have been discussing how they use the internet and their digital footprint. They have also been creating a guide for themselves on how to be safe online (with extra use of the SMART reminder).

How does the circulatory system work? See the Year 6 in action!


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Year 6 building independence in their writing.

The children have been using a range of different writing focuses this term and have been working hard to try and improve their writing. They have also been learning how to edit their work by focusing on different areas of their writing. Ask your child if they have been using PIGGS and the editing stations.

Springboks Gymnastics:

The Year 6 have been working on special holds, body tension, partner balances and sequence work, which have been very impressive. There are a number of photos in this slideshow but with so many superb shapes, I couldn't make a choice! 

Watercolour Christmas Cards - individual, distinctive and personal.
Springboks and Bees Christmas Party

Dave Shaw and the Rainforest Roadshow

The Year 6 have been amazing today! They have listened intently, asked a lot of really fascinating questions and been fully engrossed in the information Dave was imparting. The children have had the chance to hear about a range of issues related to the Amazon Rainforest; understand who and what lives there and how they live harmoniously together; begin to understand the types of animals and plants that live in this type of environment and begin to 'light the fire of interest' in our new topic.

Investigating Shadows

The Year 6 have had to carry out a fair test by changing one variable and keeping all the other variables the same whilst investigating the size of a shadow e.g. changing the position of a torch to the object and seeing what happens to the size of a shadow. Additionally, they had to make conclusions from their results as to what has happened to a shadow when the variable has been changed.

Year 6 Entering King Tut's Tomb

The Year 6 have had to crawl through the tunnel to the tomb,  observe carefully what they saw and then made sketches ready to explain to their group what they have discovered. This is to experience how a tomb may have been discovered by Howard Carter - the egyptologist that discovered King Tutankhamun's tomb.

Pointillism by George Seurat

As part of European Languages Day, the Year 6 looked at George Seurat and his painting techniques of Pointillism. They used this technique to recreate their own George Seurat style Eiffel Tour painting. 

Have a look at this half terms Springboks (Autumn Term 2017) learning focus. There are archaeologists, gold and mummies to think about!

Last Year's Photos 2016.17

Litter Picking and Thai food created by Springboks

Pictures from Keara and Ruby's idea to help tidy up the school.

Ready to serve our international food: vegetable Thai curry!