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Safeguarding (including E-Safety)

Keeping your child safe at all times is the primary concern for you as parents and us as a school.


The use of the internet is playing an increasingly important role in improving the learning experience for our children. At the same time we need to be mindful of the dangers that can occur too. The clear message we want to give is that we want you to encourage your children to have open and honest conversations about things they view/use online. It is better to be a nuisance and check on your child's online activity, than regret not paying enough attention perhaps when it is too late. We teach our children about Stranger-Danger from a very early age, we also need to help them to understand how they can stay safe online too.


We want to encourage open discussion about internet safety and as such the children participate in activities that are age-appropriate for them to learn how to stay safe.


Please find below some helpful website links and leaflets that can offer advice.


If you have any concerns about websites, games or apps where the children have been frightened or concerned about something they have seen, please encourage them to speak out and let us know. It might not just be your child who has had this experience.


Together we can keep our children safe.


Thank you