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Frogs (Year 1)

Welcome to Frog Class! :)

Science Week

To bring science to life and make it really fun we decided to do a poop experiment. We have been busy learning about animals and carnivores, herbivores and omnivores so decided to put their learning to the test. We had some silly dinosaurs come into our classroom and poop everywhere! We wanted to find out which dinosaur did the deed so we dissected poop to work out which type of dinosaur did the different poos. 


Poo number 1 had sweetcorn and meat in it- can you guess if it is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?


Poo number 2 had just meat in it- What could it be?


Poo number 3 had sweetcorn and grass in it- What type of dinosaur could have pooed? 


Take a look at some pictures of us completing the investigation.  

Mary Anning- Fossil Making

Year 1 have been busy learning about the famous paleontologist Mary Anning and her achievements. We even made fossils so we could be just like her. Take a look at some of our fossils we made. 

Frog class are going to spend Spring embarking on a dinosaur topic! We will be looking at dinosaur stories, writing instructions, information pages and performing dinosaur poetry. Watch this space for dinosaur updates! :) 

World Book Day


Frog class were very lucky to have year 5 join them to read their favourite stories for world book day! Take a look at the lovely photos.

Take a look at our very own moving dinosaurs we created using split pins!

Frog class had a surprise visitor over half term... a T Rex! Mr North caught it all on camera and even met the dinosaur. Luckily its a friendly T Rex and it was making all that noise because it was scared! After watching the video the children thought of some amazing adjectives to describe the dinosaur. 

T Rex in Frog Class!

Still image for this video