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Caterpillars (Reception)

We have been reading 'Oliver's vegetables' in class and have enjoyed sequencing activities, role play and also learning about the different vegetables in the story! Check out our fantastic writing!

Oliver's vegetables

As a class we have been finding out and looking at the art work of artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo! He used fruit, vegetables and flowers to create faces! Have a look below at some of our 'veggie faces!' 

Veggie faces!

What a 'Royally' amazing afternoon tea! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who were able to make our Royal Wedding afternoon tea. The sun was shining and the home made scones and sandwiches made by the children went down a treat! 
We really enjoyed reading The Scarecrow's Wedding! Look at our fantastic character descriptions!
Mrs Terry was super impressed with our subtraction skills! Take a look for yourselves!

Super subtraction!

As part of our Summer 1 'Super stories' topic we have been exploring the story of the Ginger bread man! We received a message from him asking for help to get across the river! We worked in pairs to create some amazing bridges and tested that they worked using our mini gingerbread man!

We read 'We're going on a bear hunt'! We discussed some of the obstacles the family had to walk through and then we had our very own 'Barefoot' challenge! 

Look at our fantastic Math Mastery skills! We have been working with tens frames and also continuing for addition up to 20! Some fantastic reasoning and discussion!

Spring 2- Real Life heroes!

As part of our learning all about real life heroes and people who help us we had a visit from the Police!

We learnt so much by asking some fantastic questions! The Police showed us lots of the equipment they use and we even got to look round the car and listen to the siren! Wow!

Take a look at the wanted posters we created all about some cheeky aliens who stole some underpants!

The class really enjoyed doing a mini winter Olympics in the hall! We did curling, ski jumping, ice hockey and skiing!

We even did a team bobsleigh!

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and we all had great fun doing some Chinese ribbon dancing! We even did some dragon dance too! Look at our scary dragon faces!

We have been using Talk for writing to help us retell the story of the Little Red Hen! We talked about how we thought the Little hen was a superhero as she worked so hard all by herself!

We have also worked super hard to produce some fantastic writing! 

Little Red Hen

We shared the story of Supertato in class and we loved it!

Mrs Terry received a message on her phone from Supertato! Supertato asked for help to catch the evil pea...could we help?


We wrote letters and even made our own Supertato heroes to help!

Christmas party time! Wahoo! Even a visit from Santa!
We had such a great time on our school field after it had snowed! Take a look at the photos...We had 'snow' much fun!!

Fun in the snow!

Today we had a fantastic Christmas dinner at school! We were all so sensible and had a great time with the rest of the school!

Christmas dinner!

Reception class have had a few Christmas visitors!


We found an 'elf' door on the wall and now we keep receiving pictures of these cheeky little chaps getting up to mischief!


We have been writing letters, notes, drawing pictures and making cards for them too!

Today Reception class read We're going on a Bear hunt! We changed the story to We're going on a Gruffalo hunt and made up our own verses!


The children thought of different obstacles we might come across including a log pile, fairy land, piles of leaves and deep muddy puddles!


We found a picture left by the Gruffalo and decided to create our own amazing Gruffalo using lots of natural resources! What a fantastic job!

Reception class have been discussing and learning about Remembrance Day. We all made poppies to create a class wreath!


The class had a great walk down to the memorial park in Sileby to take our class wreath!


Take a look at the pictures!


The witch from 'Room on the Broom' was so happy with her new broomstick designs and super impressed at the great team work Reception class showed that she sent in a treat!

We had ice cream cones, melted chocolate and sweets to make 'witches hats'!

They were yummy!

Witches hat treats!

Caterpillar class have been on a mission this afternoon after receiving a text on Mrs Terry's phone from the witch from Room on the Broom!


The witch had crashed during lunch time and left some of her friends behind and she was feeling very sad because her broomstick had broken!


We worked so hard in teams to build her new broomsticks to be proud of! The children did some excellent turn taking, sharing of ideas and got extra imaginative too!


Take a look for yourselves!

Broomstick making!

We have been finding out and discussing the celebrations of Diwali!


We tried different Indian foods, dressed up in Indian clothing and danced to Indian music, did our own Rangoli patterns and made diva lamps out of salt dough!


Take a look at our Diwali afternoon fun!

Today we had a Dough Disco! We danced, rolled, squeezed and boogied to help build up the muscles in our hands!

After using a lot of energy at the Dough Disco we then got in to small groups to do some sensory art! We listened to rock music, classical, dance, pop, African drumming and Irish folk music did some mark making and drawing!
We have been working on our catching skills in PE and using balloons to help us! We had so much fun working with a partner! Check out the pictures to see for yourselves...

We have been discussing birthdays and looking at when all of our birthdays are in the year! We sorted ourselves in to birthday months and looked at which month had the most birthdays!


Can you see which month it is?

The new reception children have settled in to school fantastically! Take a look at the pictures below to see what we have been getting up to!

We have been learning about the story The Elves and Shoemaker! We have done some fantastic writing.


We have also been learning about the 5 senses and today we did a 'Barefoot challenge'! We felt different things with our bare feet and spoke about what we liked and some things we didn't like too!


Take a look.

Old Macdonald had a farm EEIEEIO!

Reception children have been learning all about different farm animals! Look at our fantastic fact writing!

Budding artists in Reception class!

We learnt all about different parts of a plant and then made our own amazing artistic plants! We labelled them too!

Do you know what each part does?

Easter has arrived early in Reception class!! The Easter bunny came in and delivered a HUGE egg for us to open and inside were lots of mini chocolate bunnies!


We went on an egg hunt and made some scrummy chocolate Easter cakes! Phew what fun!

Thank you to all the mums (and dad!) that were able to come to the Giant Wiggle fundraising and fun afternoon!


Thank you for all your kind donations for the charity Action for Children!


Take a look at the fabulous pictures!

Today has seen an interesting visitor come to the Caterpillar class!


An extremely forgetful vet came to see us and needed some help! She was struggling to write out the names of animals in her care. Oh dear!


Good job Caterpillars are so good at writing! Well done!

Take a look at these fantastic sentences that we wrote for the forgetful vet!
We even have our own Vet's role play in Caterpillar class!

We have been busy learning all about people who help us! We have found out about the work of the police, fire fighters and doctors and nurses!

Today we have looked at the work of Florence Nightingale. We enjoyed making our own lamps and also doing some fantastic writing all about her.

We all celebrated World Book Day by coming in our Pyjamas and bringing our favourite bedtime story! We had so much fun sharing our stories!

What is that yummy smell coming from the kitchen in our class?

Of course, it's pancakes!

We also had fun doing some pancake relay races with year 1! All that running made us extra hungry!

We may still be little in Reception but we certainly are super duper!

We have been so busy making our own mini heroes!


Take a look at how creative we have been sticking, cutting, gluing and colouring!

We listened to the story of Supertato! It was such a good book and the class loved it!

We have been super busy making our own Supertatoes and some of us also made the evil pea!

See if you can spot the evil pea as you look through our pictures!

Spider man phoned in to speak to Mrs Terry and asked for Reception class help! He was struggling to see how tall some of the sky scrapers were that he had to climb!

Good job we were on hand to do some 'super' measuring for the him! Phew!

Check out our amazing Superhero small world! We have been making up some fantastic stories and role playing!
In Superhero Headquarters at Reception class we have been busy working together to make 'super' superhero vehicles and decorating superhero capes! What fantastic team work!

Our new topic is all about Superheroes!


So far we have rescued Superman from the evil powers of the 'Strength Snatcher' by ordering different items by weight! 

We could say which was the heaviest item and the lightest too!


Superman thanked us by sending in some fruit to make a special 'Super' fruit salad!

Take a look at our pictures!

We have been decorating our class Christmas tree!

Today we have read the Gruffalo! We loved the story and talked about the different characters in the book.

We found out that there is an Owl, a Fox, a Mouse and a Snake as well as the Gruffalo!

We have been busy creating giant collages of each character... see if you can guess which is which? Scroll down!

We have been learning about the festival of Diwali! We loved making collage Diva lamps, tasting different Indian food, acting out the story of Rama and Sita and creating amazing Rangoli patterns!


Take a look at the photos to see!

The children had great time joining in with some African dancing today in Reception class!

Thank you to everyone who made the Macmillan coffee morning!


The children really enjoyed having parents in and playing games with them at school too!

We really enjoyed using the photo booth props and having our photos taken!


Can you guess who is hiding behind the photo booth props?!

We had lots of fun taking our own photos too! We used the I pads to do this!

Our fabulous first week at Highgate!

Look how wonderfully Reception class have settled in to school!

We are all very proud!



"I like playing with the babies," Brianna.


"I like my friend Brianna," Lexi.


"I can make special prizes with playdough," Logan.


"The sand is good," William.


"I like the computers," Oscar.



We have been talking a little bit about what we may find or what we have already seen at the sea side! Ice cream was a favourite!


Some children decided to write to the ice cream man and ask him to visit us at school.


We were very lucky as the ice cream van did come to school!


Take a look at the fabulous fun we had!