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Behaviour - T.E.A.M. - Teamwork - Effort - Attitude - Manners

The Diamond Rules

The Diamond Rules 1
Our rules are Diamond because they should never be broken. They underpin our behaviour system and have been designed to forge relationship building.

Meet our TEAM...

Meet our TEAM... 1

At Highgate our children have worked hard to develop our four characters using the key character traits they think are important to make us good rounded citizens;

  • Tully Teamwork - made with Communication and Friendship
  • Elsie Effort - made with Independence and Confidence
  • Ashley Attitude - made with Resilience and Perseverance
  • Martin Manners - made with Kindness, Integrity and Respect


The School Council consulted with the children to choose these words before holding a competition to design our characters. The four winning designs were then picked by a local author and illustrator to "professionalise" them.


Teamwork, Effort, Attitude and Manners now underpin our reward system. Children can earn Dojo points for showing that they are working well as a team, putting in lots of effort or demonstrate good manners, etc. Parents can download the Dojo app so they can keep track of points their children are earning throughout the year.