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How do we ensure that everyone knows how to address day to day issues in the school?


Read through some of our range of School Policies with which all staff are familiar.  If you have a particular query and do not see the answer in one of these policies, please ask.  

You may request a paper copy of any of our policies or documents (free of charge) however to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we have made all documents easy to download in PDF format.  You can install a PDF reader by following this link:

Following the review of the Behaviour for Learning Policy over the last term, we have now updated our policy to bring this in line with current practice. Although we do not believe we have a particularly big problem with behaviour, we want to share what we are doing and ask for your input.


We would appreciate it if you could take the time to read through the policy and offer your comments on the short questionnaire on this letter. Please send responses in by Friday 15th February 2019.

Draft Healthy Lunchbox & Snack Policy - consultation closed 2nd March 2018

Summary of consultation results:

Thank you to all of you who sent back your responses. A large majority (83.3%) stated that your children didn’t really comment on the healthiness of packed lunches.

While the majority of you (85.7%) felt some guidelines being issued would be good, some of the helpful comments that came back identified that ‘guidance was the key.’ Although a large proportion of respondents (61.9%) welcomed the idea of having rules enforced, there were some compelling arguments for this not to happen including issues around catering for the fussy eater, medical dietary requirements and as one parent put it; “although promoting healthy lunches is great, it is also up to parents to decide what goes in their child’s lunch box.”

The school does not wish to dictate what should/shouldn’t be in lunchboxes however it was suggested that the school should state that some items such as isotonic/energy drinks should be banned as they are proven to have negative detrimental effects on children’s health.

In conclusion, we will implement a policy after Easter (to be adopted by our governors) that gives guidance on what should be included in a healthy lunch box. In the policy we will put a ban on certain products such as isotonic/energy drinks and ask lunchtime supervisors to monitor lunches. Where we feel a child’s lunch consistently contains an unhealthy balance of food, we will contact parents and direct them to our guidance.

Pupil Discipline & Behaviour Management for Learning Policy

Here are our three Diamond Rules. They are:

  • Follow instructions with thought and care
  • Show good manners at all times
  • Care for everyone and everything


Following initial consultation we have put together our Draft Behaviour Policy and have introduced a new Rewards and Sanctions system. In the Summer term we will be asking you for your thoughts about this policy.

Calculations Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Collective Worship Policy 2016

Community Cohesion and British Values Statement

Concerns and Complaints Procedure - draft - January 2018

Any concerns or complaints about the support a child with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs should follow the same procedures outlined in the Concerns and Complaints Policy but in the first instance be taken to the class teacher and/or Mrs Nash as the DSEN Leader. 

Drugs Policy - Nov 2017

Early Years and Foundation Stage Policy - January 2017

Exclusions Policy - Oct 2018

Health and Safety Policy January 2016

Homework Policy

ICT - Acceptable Use Policy February 2016

ICT/Computing Policy

Intimate Care Guidance & Policy

Managing Aggressive Behaviour (from Parents and Visitors) Policy

Marking and Feedback Policy - January 2018

Monitoring & Evaluation Policy - January 2017

More Able Pupils Policy - Oct 2018

Presentation Policy - Sept 2017

Publication Scheme/Freedom of Information

RE Policy - May 2017

Risk Assessment Policy February 2016

Sun Protection Policy - April 2016

Teaching and Learning Policy

Work Experience Policy